Ultimate Precision Business Steering 

Digital Solutions for the Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services Industry

Get Our Ultra Precision Management Tools

  • Up-grade your operations, finance and sales management information to the highest levels possible 

  •  Provide perfect information to your customers 

  •  Standardize and automate your business processes

  •  Become a digital leader in the shortest possible time

  • All our tools and services connect perfectly with CargoWise One

Implement our  Control Dashboards

  • 24/7 electronic control of your critical processes, tasks and transactions
  • Trigger immediate corrections and achieve a zero defect operations and accounting
  • Provide highly accurate information to your customers in real time
  • Achieve maximum efficiency and lowest possible operations and accounting costs
  • Automate processes based on the information that the Control Dashboards provide

Our Products

Operations Control Dashboard

Maintain 24/7 electronic control of your most critical operational processes and tasks. Guide the work of every operator to achieve a zero defect operations including on-time delivery, flawless exception management and optimal job profit management.

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Accounting Control Dashboard

Maintain 24/7 electronic control of all your accounting transactions - worldwide. Assure that all critical accounts are reconciled and do not contain aged or overdue transactions. Assure flawless accounting and reduce your accounting and audit costs substantially.

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Digital Business Analytics

Analyze your product, customer and lane profitability down to transaction level. Assure optimal customer pricing, capacity buying, capacity utilization and shipment routing. Know your up-traders and down-traders. Measure your sales force performance.

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Digital Financial Management

Improve the quality and reduce the costs of your financial management. Increase profit and cash flow at the same time. significantly at the same time. 

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Digitalization Workshop

Find out and implement the current digitalization gold standards in terms of digital customer front-end and process automation. Invest one day and gain decades of experience!

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Our products work perfectly well with CargoWise One 

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