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Digital Solutions for the Transport and Logistics Industry
Becoming DIGITAL means to become ZERO-DEFECT - the ultimate level of CUSTOMER SERVICE and COST EFFECTIVENESS

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Digital Financial Management

Improve your financial management 10 x at 50% of your current costs! Increase profit and cash flow significantly at the same time. significantly at the same time. 

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Digitalization Workshop

Find out and implement the current digitalization gold standards in terms of digital customer front-end and process automation. Invest one day and gain decades of experience!

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Sea Container Arrival Prediction

Know exactly when your containers will arrive at the port of destination especially also in cases of multi-leg sea transportation with container unloading and reloading.     

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Operations Control Dashboard

Maintain 24/7 electronic control of your most critical operational processes and tasks. Guide the work of every operator to achieve a zero defect operations including on-time delivery, flawless exception management and optimal job profit management.

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Digital Customer Portal

Have a seamless and highly effective electronic information exchange with your customers. Provide quotes online, enable your customers to book electronically, provide perfect shipment tracking information and all types of other customer reports at highest quality levels.

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Digital Vendor Portal

Optimize the information exchange with your carriers and automate your purchase-to-pay process including automated cost estimation, electronic invoice receipt, matching and accounting. Combine your payment process with the receipt of carrier shipment milestones.

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Our Technology Products

Automation and BOT Technology

Automation includes the automatic capture and processing of data. Ultimately you want to avoid all types of manual data input and manual data quality control. We know the best tools in the market that facilitate this process and can help you implementing them.

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Reporting and Advanced Business Analytics

How about obtaining the needed financial and volume information on product, lane, customer and carrier level without having to ask a controller or financial analyst? How about being able to rely on the accuracy of such information any time? Our reporting and business analysis tools will allow you to achieve this.

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Digitalized Data-Backbone Solution

Our data-backbone solution is the center piece of our product portfolio. It is the key enabler for all forms of automation from electronic data exchange with internal and external parties to the use of artificial intelligence. All forms of digitalization ultimately require a sophisticated data-backbone solution.

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Workflow Management

Our MyHub Workflow Application analyses, monitors and verifies all data feeds and documents of your customer orders. It covers the entire end-to-end process from quotation to cash collection and from purchase order to final delivery. Moreover, it supports any work sharing between departments, branches and Shared Service Centers optimally. All parties involved in the processing of a customer order have detailed knowledge of the order status and can therefore proactively communicate with your customers.

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Job Accounting System

Our Job Accounting System automates your invoicing and cost accrual processes as well your revenue and cost of sales accounting and controlling. It enables you to get full and constant electronic control over this sensitive, transaction rich and error prone process. Moreover, it enables you to have 100% accurate product, lane and customer profitability reporting that fully reconciles with your financial accounting. The system is modular and integrates easily with all of your existing applications.

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Business Process Outsourcing

We offer all types of business process outsourcing or shared services for the freight forwarding and logistics services industry. What we offer in this context are not only scale and cost advantages. Our workforce is also highly trained and consists of industry specialists. Modern workflow tools report on our staff's activities in real time. Finally, we possess state-of-the-art automation tools that assure minimum costs at highest quality levels.

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All-in-One Logistics Systems Suite

Our MyHub systems suite includes four modules: A Purchase Order Management System (POMS), a Transport Management System (TMS), a Warehousing Management System (WMS) and a Job Accounting System. All modules are fully integrated. You can buy the full suite or each module by itself.

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Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

Our Warehousing and Distribution System automates help control and organizes the day-to-day operations of your warehouse. It allows you complete control of the inventory from the time it enters the warehouse till it moves out. Our system consists of four processes that include, inbound, outbound, gatepass and manifest process. Besides that, the comprehensive data is captured using six different modes from parties and applications.

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Data Mastery in Freight Forwarding

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