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It is our mission to help companies of all sizes to get access to world class technology and world class business processes at lowest possible cost.
We can achieve this because technology prices have dropped significantly and are, therefore, no longer the critical factor. The critical factor today is to know how to use best available technology most intelligently. This is our core competence.


In the digitalization age no company can afford anymore:

  • to have low data quality
  • not to know all details about its business in real time
  • not to have access to precise product, lane and customer profitability
  • not to provide exact real time shipment tracking information
  • not to make use of labor cost arbitrage and process automation to the maximum degree possible

We possess a large portfolio of software products, a Business Process Outsourcing organization (in Chennai, India) and decades of experience in implementing best-in-class tools and processes. We serve some of the best companies in the world.

Follow the Ontegos law of digitalization, which says:

  • Becoming a digital company means to become a zero-defect company
  • In order to become a zero-defect company, management must adopt a zero-defect mindset
  • Adopting a zero-defect mindset means to understand that zero-defect is the highest level of cost-effectiveness

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The founders of Ontegos Applications are a group of seasoned transport and logistics industry top executives who have the ambition to convert their knowledge and experience into digital products.

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Oliver Gritz

Founder and CEO

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