Automation and BOT Technology

Automate your business by processes by using the latest tools to automate data capture and data processing like IoT devices (e.g. scanners, cameras, sensors), EDI, OCR and BoT technology, robotic software and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our automation tools offer the following distinct advantages

Automating data entry and data capturing is the procedure of mining information from an electronic document and converting it into data readable by a computer through various tools viz. OCR, internet scraping, scanning and workflow integration.

Automating data checking and control involves retaining only the real-time data with which the business can carry out their operations. The tools like workflow monitoring, revenue leakage controls, and criteria based data controls keep the data quality in check.

Automating communication and alerts allows visual alerts and updates for complete visibility and to take proactive control of the supply chain. With shipment alerts, the stakeholder can easily know where the cargo is and take necessary decisions.

Capturing of additional information through IoT is an effective way to trace and authenticate inventory and shipments using IoT enabled devices. For example, it also monitors the temperature of stored inventory continuously and sends alerts to customers.

Process automation through rule-based and intelligent algorithms allows manipulation of data for auto-billing, auto costing, invoice correction etc. and feeds it back into the system without any human intervention which saves the workforce from doing manual data entry.

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