Digitalized Data-Backbone Solution

It is the main facilitator of your digitalization process. It structures all data relevant to your business in one consistent model. This is a key requirement for automation, advanced customer information and high precision business management.

Our data-backbone solution has the following distinct advantages

Implement the most important and most economical digitalization enabler: It structures data from all sources - internal and external - according to one single data model. This enables full data integration and seamless data exchange. You enrich your company data model to the needed level and add missing functionality. This way you can up-grade your IT capabilities significantly without changing your IT system. And finally: Our data-backbone solution includes the data model of industry leading companies.

Improve your data model and your data quality significantly: Through easy integration of additional internal and external data in your data-backbone you can extend your company data model significantly. Moreover, control algorithms can assure high level data accuracy. Consequently, you can provide more and higher quality information to your customers. In addition, you possess more and higher quality information to steer your business with highest precision. 

Add additional IT functionality: The data-backbone enables you to add functionality that is not available in your main IT systems (e.g. your transport management system or your accounting system). Examples in this context are data control algorithms or intelligent algorithms to enable the automation of core business processes. 

Data Mastery in Freight Forwarding

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