Digital Financial Management

Does your financial management fall short? Do you lack essential information? Do you face accounting problems? Or do you have cash flow challenges?

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  • Because managing finances in the transport and logistics industry is our core competence. We have decades of experience and know immediately what needs to be done
  • Because we can instantly apply the best templates, procedures and software tools 
  • Because we can immediately help you to collect your money faster, reduce your collection risks, manage your vendor payments better and to maximize your cash position
  • Because we know how to immediately diagnose and fix all types of accounting and administrative control problems 
  • Because we can implement a financial reporting system for product, customer and lane profitability in the shortest possible time

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Product, Customer and Lane Profitability in Action

Advanced Business Analysis

Know exactly what is happening in your business. Know your customer profitability, lane profitability and product profitability immediately. Be sure that all numbers are 100% accurate and reconcile with your financial accounting. Make use of intelligent computer algorithms that guide your analysis process and make concrete suggestions to improve your profitability. Have all your numbers and analysis presented to you in ways that can easily be understood and that are visually appealing. We excel in dashboard creation with all of the common tools (like for example Power BI, Qlik and Cognos). 
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Accounting Control Dashboard

Monitor and control your accounting activity transaction by transaction 24/7. Are all your accounts reconciled? Are your accounts receivable and payable transactions properly matched? Are critical ageing limits adhered to? Do your provisions appear reasonable? Does your financial reporting match your financial accounting? Avoid accounting mistakes and inefficiencies, increase accuracy and transparency, accelerate your financial close and save external audit costs.

Outsource Your Accounting and Controlling Activities

Let us handle your accounting and controlling. We have a state-of-the-art shared accounting center that possesses the most modern tools for process automation and management reporting. We know how to keep your numbers correct all of the time, how to deal with your external auditors and what information to provide to management to maximize your profitability and your cash-flow.
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Digital Job Accounting System

Our Job Accounting System automates your invoicing and cost accrual processes as well your revenue and cost of sales accounting and controlling. It enables you to get full and constant electronic control over this sensitive, transaction rich and error prone process. Moreover, it enables you to have 100% accurate product, lane and customer profitability reporting that fully reconciles with your financial accounting. The system is modular and integrates easily with all of your existing applications.
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