All-in-One Logistics Systems Suite

MyHub consists of four modules that can be purchased separately or as one integrated system

Global Trade Hub

A Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) that provides you with a platform to manage the relation with your customers and/or suppliers. It allows you to communicate and control your purchase order, supply chain and invoicing processes.   

Freight Forwarding Hub

A full fledged Transport Management System (TMS) to manage the movement of cargo seamlessly across the globe. 

Warehousing & Distribution Hub

A state-of-the-art Warehousing  Management System (WMS) enabling you to mange your warehousing and distribution activity.

Accounting Hub

The industry's morst innovative Job Accounting System that enables you to automate the accounting and controlling of your revenue and cost of sales transactions and provides you with accurate product, customer and lane profitability


Discover the Integrated Supply Chain Logistics platform that provides complete visibility and control

All our modules have the following distinct features

System integration: MyHub is the only system in the industry that integrates all relevant elements of supply chain management including transport management, warehouse management, purchase order management and accounting. This assures seamless data exchange, process automation, higher data quality, improved customer service and finally greater customer satisfaction.

Automation:  All modules are equipped with features that enable latest automation functionality (like BoT, RPA, OCR scanners and other IoT devices). This facilitates easy data exchange with your customers, suppliers and other external and internal parties and systems. Manual data input will be reduced to an absolute minimum and an increasing amount of intelligent algorithms will increase productivity, reduce costs and improve data quality at the same time.

Workflow Management: Enabling real-time tracking and displaying of the workflow status and achieved quality levels for each task. This way the MyHub modules lend themselves perfectly for work sharing and companies that are supported by Shared Service Center or Business Process Outsourcing organizations. All parties involved permanently have full visibility of the work status of each customer order.

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