Job Accounting System

Workflow based job accounting system that enables automation of  the invoicing and cost accrual processes as well automation of revenue and cost of sales accounting and controlling. It enables you to get full and constant electronic control over this sensitive, transaction rich and error prone process. Moreover, it enables 100% accurate product, lane and customer profitability reporting that fully reconciles with financial accounting. The system is modular and integrates easily with all of your existing applications.

Our Job Accounting and Job Costing Module offers the following distinct advantages:

Enables the automation of your accounting and job profit controlling

Based on our wholistic workflow management approach we integrate your carriers, subcontractors and customers in this module. You share tariffs and job statuses with these parties, which enables you to automate your costing, invoicing, payment and accounting processes. Consequently you can rely on the accuracy of your job profits without further manual intervention. The quality of cooperation with your carriers, sub-contractors and customers increases substantially.

Accurate product, customer and lane profitability

Revenue, cost of sales and job profit recorded on our module will be the basis for your financial accounting. Consequently, product, lane and customer profit will fully reconcile with your financial results any time. This way there is only one single truth when you analyse the performance of your business from all possible angles.

Optimise timeliness and quality of your invoicing process

The MyHub Job Accounting and Job Costing Module allows you to monitor the timeliness and accuracy of your invoicing process. This way you make sure you invoice all of your services on time. Moreover, we provide functionality to assure that you always invoice the full amount. Given the fast pace of the daily work, there is always the risk that your operation forgets to invoice certain special charges like for example demurrage, detention, storage, special delivery or customs fees. Our system detects such cases and informs your operator immediately so that corrective action can be taken.

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