Our Technology Products

Digitalized Data-Backbone Solution

Our data-backbone solution is the center piece of our product portfolio. It is the key enabler for all forms of automation from electronic data exchange with internal and external parties to the use of artificial intelligence. All forms of digitalization ultimately require a sophisticated data-backbone solution.

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Reporting and Advanced Business Analytics

How about obtaining the needed financial and volume information on product, lane, customer and carrier level without having to ask a controller or financial analyst? How about being able to rely on the accuracy of such information any time? Our reporting and business analysis tools will allow you to achieve this.

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Automation and BOT Technology

Automation includes the automatic capture and processing of data. Ultimately you want to avoid all types of manual data input and manual data quality control. We know the best tools in the market that facilitate this process and can help you implementing them.

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Business Process Outsourcing

We offer all types of business process outsourcing or shared services for the freight forwarding and logistics services industry. What we offer in this context are not only scale and cost advantages. Our workforce is also highly trained and consists of industry specialists. Modern workflow tools report on our staff's activities in real time. Finally, we possess state-of-the-art automation tools that assure minimum costs at highest quality levels.

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Data Mastery in Freight Forwarding

How to transform your freight forwarding and logistics company to compete in the digital age - A book by Oliver Gritz

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