Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

Automate your overall warehousing operations with real-time visibility and complete control. Manage inventory, automate everyday tasks and routine workflows. It lets you configure your distribution rules and level load configurations based on business algorithms for efficient management.

Our warehousing and distribution module offers the following distinct advantages

KPI enabled workflows constantly enhances the performance of the warehouse as each activity from the creation of sales order to the final destination is monitored through control tower to ensure operational efficiency. You can view all activities that are within the KPIs as well as monitor and control those, that are overdue through the control tower.

Customized dashboards and on-time reports for complete control as you track and manage your inventory online. The customer portal offers various customized dashboards providing complete inbound and outbound inventory movement across warehouses, DCs/depots and gives you detailed and real-time information on pending invoices, tracking of shipment, expired and damaged goods, temperature monitoring and many other logistics parameters up to the SKU level. Also, automated/scheduled customized reports can be easily generated in different formats.

Complete API system integration facilitates real-time data sharing and allows data to be transmitted from one application (RPA/Excel/Emails) to another seamlessly.

Live visibility with event and alerts notification will advance your business as you can seamlessly track your consignment from the warehouse till it reaches the last-mile delivery. The new five-step alerts keep you informed of each milestone. Not only that, the handheld devices ensures that every SKU is barcoded to avoid any mismatch in quantities.

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