Workflow Management

Optimise your company’s day-to-day business process through automation. Analyse, monitor and verify all the details of the entire customers’ orders, from purchase order to final delivery. With automated workflows, you save time, boost productivity and gain deeper insights into the business process.

Our Workflow Management Module offers the following distinct advantages:

MyHub integrates all the stakeholders’ incl. of external parties into the workflow through multiple applications, database, and software ensuring seamless data exchange while offering scalable collaborative cloud-based architecture with real-time information.

MyHub deconstructs processes in a sufficient number of single tasks allowing a centralized business model for a hassle-free and cost-effective process.

MyHub enables electronic exchange of information in all possible formats through API gateway, RPA, ITES remote centralization, web & mobile application, EDI data feed and email interface.

MyHub enables status information visible to all relevant parties, including the external parties and triggers immediate action by identifying areas for improvement against the configured KPIs.

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